Professional Cordless Electrostatic Spraygun



Professional Cordless Electrostatic Sprayer

fast, versatile, & easy to use
The Victory Professional Cordless Electrostatic Sprayer allows the user hours of spaying time without the hassle of dragging a cord. In addition, it is designed to save time, spray less liquid, and cover more surfaces.

  • Lightweight and portable – 3.8 lbs.
  • 16.8 V lithium-ion battery allows 4 hours of continuous run time.
  • 3 in 1 adjustable nozzle for different particle sizes.
  • Quite – suitable for use in any environment.
  • Removable tank holds 33.8 oz. of liquid.
  • Deluxe carrying case
  • Great for sanitizing, disinfecting, odor control and more.


Victory Electrostatic sprayers provide an electrical, charge to the solutions, giving them a wrap-around, effective and even coverage.
Enables solutions to envelop all surfaces, shadowed, vertical and underneath. Uses less solutions to effectively cover large areas saving you time and money.

Use with Aquaox Disinfectants for quick disinfecting of all surfaces, even those you cannot reach or have not wiped clean. 


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