ClickM C Basic package



User‐controlled release of water. In just a few steps you can clean your floors in an innovative way with the Click'M, Twist Mop and Sprenkler. The Twist Mop is attached to the Click'M frame with a simple, unique magnetic system so the mop is easy and quick to change. If you combine this simple system with the Sprenkler you no longer have to carry those heavy buckets around as it has an integrated water reservoir. You no longer have to carry heavy buckets around.

  • Click, spray & clean hygienic
  • Hygienic, ergonomic, efficient & sustainable
  • Cleans more square feet in less time 
  • Easy & fast attachment
  • Can be washed more than 500 times (Twist Mop) 


1. Attach the Click'M frame to the handle.

2. Unscrew the green cap on top of the handle. Fill the reservoir with tap water using the enclosed fill bottle. Screw cap back.

3. Place the microfibre mop under the frame with the magnets.

4. Press the green cap on top of the handle to dispense tap water behind the mop through the triple‐spray nozzles.

5. Spray and wipe the floor using a circular movement. Start from a corner and wipe the floor clean towards the door. To ensure a long lasting use of the Sprenkler handle, empty the reservoir after each use.

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