Click'M2 Allround Mop /1pc



  • Extra strong cleaning properties

  • Large absorption capacity

  • Suitable for heavily soiled floors

The innovative Click’M system securely holds the Click’M All-Around Mop to the Click’M Mop Frame with powerful magnets which minimizes the chance of dirt adhesion.

The Click’M All-Around Mop is multifunctional and may be used dry, damp or wet. It is resistant to chlorine, strong acids and alkalis and is ideal for applications with strict hygiene requirements. The Click’M All-Around Mop has a high water retention capacity which enables it to clean large floor areas.

This heavy duty All-Around Mop is made of 100% homogeneous synthetic fibers which prevents growth of bacteria and fungi and is practically lint-free.

Use it together with CLICK'M frame and SPRENKLER HANDLE.

Color: Grey
Labels: Red/Green/Blue/Yellow
Dimensions: 19.3"
Composition: Micropolyester 50%, Viscose 40%, Polyamide 10%
Weight: ± 6.4 oz

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