DustMop / 5pcs package



  • Suitable for all hard and textured floors

  • High dust-absorption capacity

  • Velcro backing for fast and easy changing

  • Loop handle for No-touch removal

  • Multiple color tabs for color-coded cleaning


The Greenspeed® Dust Mop has been developed especially for quick and efficient damp dusting of hard surfaces.

Due to a high electrostatic energy, dust will easily stick to the mop surface. The .3" long piles also make the Dust Mop very suitable for uneven floors such as flagstones or textured tile floors.

While using the Dust Mop you may either pat or vacuum the dirt out of the mop for increased absorption capacity. After use, the mop can be laundered.

The loop at the side ensures that the dirty surface does not have to be touched while changing mops. This changing is quick and simple because the backing of the Dust Mop is made of velcro.

Multiple color tabs for color coded cleaning ensures efficient and hygienic use.

The Dust Mop is available in various sizes.


Color: Green
Labels: Red/Green/Blue/ Yellow
Dimension: 11.8" x 5.1" / 17.7" x 5.1" / 23.6" x 5.1"
Composition: 100% microfiber
Weight: ± 2 oz. / ± 3 oz. / ± 4 oz.
Filler: .20"

Package of 5pcs

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