Flat Mop frame w/standard coupling



  • Lightweight, high strength aluminum construction
  • Flat frame profile to reach under low objects
  • Easy to clean

The Greenspeed® Flat Mop frame with standard coupling guarantees efficient and ergonomic use for daily cleaning. The frame consists of lightweight aluminum and high impact molded plastic for reduced weight.

The Flat Mop frame is fitted with Velcro® that firmly grips our microfiber mops. The frame also features high impact, quick-connect hardware that easily attaches the frame to our telescoping mop handles.

The Flat Mop frame with standard coupling is available in various sizes.

Use it with SPRENKLER HANDLE, ERGOBALL 2-PART HANDLE or ERGOBALL 3-PART HANDLE. All velcro based mops can be used with Flat Mop Frame with Standard Coupling.

For best cleaning results use solutions CLEANER 112 and/or DISINFECTANT 275.

Color: Aluminum/green
Dimensions:  15.7" x 3.5" 
Weight:  ± 10 oz.
Composition: Aluminum, ABS plastic

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