Floormop Injection Tool (FIT)

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  • Ÿ Precisely dosed moistening of the mop
  • Ÿ Quick, simple, and ergonomic operation
  • Ÿ Ensures proper use of microfiber mops
  • Ÿ Permits cleaning of large areas in less time.

The Greenspeed® Floormop Injection Tool (FIT) introduces a completely new method for daily cleaning of hard floors with microfiber mops. The FIT utilizes built-in spray nozzles to moistens microfiber mops for simple, effective and ergonomic cleaning.

The use of high impact molded ABS and a contemporary design provide the FIT with a professional appearance. Additionally, the FIT’s adjustable dosing settings ensures proper use of microfiber mops by properly moistening the mop specific to the type of flooring being cleaned.

The FIT can also be supplied without wheels and a push bar for placement on the platform of a utility cart or on the special Greenspeed® Caddy FIT.

Color: Green/Grey/Black
Dimensions: 47" x 24" x 45"
Composition: High impact molded ABS and aluminum
Weight: ± 29 lbs.

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