Multi Forte Cleaner - 1L/33.8 fl oz - concentrate




Multi Forte is a powerful, ecological floor and interior cleaner professional use. This product is suitable for daily and periodic cleaning of water-resistant floors using a mop, cloth, or scrubber-drier. It is formulated for cleaning moderately to heavily soiled floors in garages, workshops, production areas, etc. Besides readily degradable limescale removers Multi Forte contains low-foaming, rapid-acting detergents, which make it exceptionally suitable for use in machines. Do not use this product on untreated wood or parquet floors. Multi Forte is free from chlorine compounds, other halogen compounds, inorganic acids, and petroleum-based detergents. All detergents used in these products originate from vegetable sources. All ingredients of non-mineral origin are fully degradable.

  • Highly concentrated floor and interior cleaner for heavy duty tasks.
  • Extra cleaning power.
  • Both manual use and floor scrubbing machines.
  • Pine scent.
  • Comes with "one-squeeze" Dosing cap.The Dosing cap measures 10 ml (0.35oz).
  • EU Ecolabel & Cradle to Cradle.
  • 33.8 fl oz (1L) = Makes 132 gallons (500L) cleaning solution


Manual use: Prepare a >0.2 % solution by adding 0.35oz (1 cap) of Multi Forte to a bucket containing 1 gallon of water. Clean the floor with a mop or cloth. Allow to work in for 1 to 5 minutes if necessary. Rinsing is not necessary. The concentration can be doubled in case of heavy soiling. 

Machine use: Prepare a >0.2 % solution of Multi Forte in the scrubber-drier (0.7oz per 2 gallon of water). Clean the floor with the machine. Allow the cleaning solution to work for 1 to 5 minutes if necessary. The concentration can be doubled in case of heavy soiling.


Dimensions: 10 x 3.5x 2.5 inch

Weight: 2.85 lbs 

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