HandyScrubby Sponge



  • Anti-bacterial material
  • Suitable for use in kitchens and other sanitary applications
  • Specifically suited for removal of stubborn dirt
  • High dirt-absorbing capacity
  • Multiple color tabs for color-coded cleaning

The Greenspeed® Handyscrubby Flex is a valuable addition to your cleaning and sanitation program. It combines anti-bacterial dark-green polypropylene for scrubbing and light green microfiber for high absorption properties.

The flexibility of the Greenspeed® Handyscrubby Flex and its unique combination of scrubbing and absorption properties provides excellent cleaning capabilities of difficult to reach areas such as around faucets and wash basins. For the best cleaning result use EPA registered, non-toxic, biodegradable, safe-to-use, fast-acting healthcare-grade solution CLEANER 112.

Do not use chlorine or bleach in combination with the Handyscrubby Flex. These liquids will affect the fibers and reduce the performance properties of the Greenspeed® Handyscrubby Flex.

Color: Green/dark green
Labels: Red/Blue/Yellow
Dimensions: 3.9" x 5.5"
Composition: 70% microfiber and 30% polypropylene (dark green strips)
Weight: ± 0.05 oz.

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