Telescopic handle with ergoball



  • Lightweight

  • Telescoping handle accommodates various heights and tasks

  • Ball grip for ergonomic movement

  • Hand support for an optimal grip

  • All frames can be used with the Ergoball handle.

The Greenspeed® Ergobal 2 telescopic handle is an indispensable tool for efficient and ergonomic daily cleaning. 

The handle telescopes from its base length of 39" to 72". The ball grip on top of the handle allows you to easily maneuver the handle without straining your wrist and the hand support ensures an optimal grip when cleaning walls, doors, windows and ceilings.

The aluminum upper handle body is coated with a durable coating to ensure an optimal grip. The coating does not feel cold to the touch and is easy to clean.


Color: Aluminum/green
Dimensions: 39.4" - 72.8"
Composition: Green coated aluminum, ABS plastic
Weight: ± 12.7 oz.

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