Glass polishing cloth

$2.35 - $13.85


  • Ÿ May be laundered 600 times (minimum)
  • Ÿ High absorption capacity
  • Ÿ Quality construction. No shrinkage
  • Ÿ Does not leave lint or dust particles

The Greenspeed® Glass Polishing cloth is the larger version of the Greenspeed® Glass cloth and is an indispensable polishing cloth for the restaurant and catering business. In restaurants, the polishing of cutlery, tableware and glasses is a daily chore. With the large polishing cloth, this job is accomplished faster and more effectively.

Due to its smooth texture and high absorption capacity, the cloth slides easily across surfaces and any residual water will be absorbed by the cloth for a clean, smooth and shining finish.

The Greenspeed® microfiber technology guarantees a quality and durable Glass cloth with unique cleaning and absorbing capacities. It is certified by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel which imposes strict requirements regarding the environment, quality and health.

Color: Blue
Dimensions: 9.8" x 7.5" / 27.6" x 24"
Composition: 100% microfiber
Weight: ± 5 oz. / ± 4.9 oz.

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