Small Original Microfiber Cloth



  • May be laundered 400 times (minimum)

  • Absorbs 4 times its weight in water

  • Quality construction. No shrinkage

  • Multiple colors for color-coded cleaning

The Greenspeed® Basic microfiber cloth provides a quality foundation for the daily cleaning of every surface.
Just like the Greenspeed® Original microfiber cloth, the Basic removes dirt and stains from synthetic materials, glass, vinyl, stainless steel, ceramics, etc. 

This cloth effortlessly absorbs lime scale and grease deposits, leaving a clean and smooth surface. Used dry, the Basic is a perfect duster – Damp, it quickly removes dust and stains.

To prevent cloths from fraying, unraveling, and shrinking, all Greenspeed microfiber cloths have a strong, sturdy piping sewn around its edge.

The Greenspeed® microfiber technology ensures a quality and durable Basic Microfiber cloth with unique cleaning and absorbing capacities. It is certified by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel which imposes strict requirements regarding the environment, quality and health.

For the best result use PROBIO MULTI with Greenspeed microfiber cloth.

Color: Green

Dimensions: 5"X 7"

Composition: 100% microfiber

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