•  High absorption capacity
  •  Does not leave lint or dust particles
  •  No wipe marks when used slightly damp
  •  May be laundered at least 350 times

The Greenspeed® Glass Mop is specifically for use on large glass and mirror areas and may also be used to clean tiled walls.

The Glass Mop effortlessly removes dirt, fingerprints and grease deposits. This is due to the special texture of the mop surface which dissipates water and allows it to slide easily across surfaces without snagging for a spotless, streak free finish. No need to use chemicals!

The Glass Mop consists of 100% microfiber. The level of dampness will determine the amount of friction between the mop and the surface being cleaned.

The loop handle on the side of the Glass Mop and the Velcro backing enables quick and easy changing of the mop without having to touch the dirty surface. Multiple color tabs for color coded cleaning ensures efficient and hygienic use.

Use it together ERGOBALL 2 PART or ERGOBALL 3 PART HANDLE and WINGLET FRAME WITH MULTIFIX COUPLING or/and FLAT MOP FRAME WITH LOCKING COUPLING for cleaning large window or wall areas. With the Glass Mop, Winglet frame and 3-part telescopic handle you can thoroughly clean glazed walls in a user-friendly way. When using the GLASS MOP slightly damp it gives a streakfree result, without a trace of fluff or dust. With the WINGLET frame you can clean edges efficiently and fast. The 3-PART TELESCOPIC HANDLE is lightweight and easily adjustable, so you can clean in an ergonomic way.

Color: Green
Dimensions: 11.8" x 5.1" / 17.7" x 5.1"
Composition: 100% microfiber
Weight: ± 2 oz., ± 3 oz.
Filler: .07" foam + 2x microfiber cloth and 1x non-woven cloth

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