Sprenkler handle

$39.99 - $40.99


Sprenkler handle with reservoir
  • Onboard water reservoir and sprayer
  • Precise dosed amount of water
  • No toiling with buckets
  • Fast and easy to use

The Greenspeed® Sprenkler Basic consists of an aluminum handle with an onboard water reservoir. This simple system replaces toiling with buckets and exertion with wringing. Maintenance of a hard floor is now easier and more efficient.

A simple push on the handle dispenses three streams of water with each press, giving you great coverage and consistent solution application.

Refillable reservoir holds over 15 ounces of water to clean over 1,000 square feet of floor space.


Color: Aluminum/green
Dimensions: 51" / 57"
Composition: Aluminum, ABS plastic
Weight: ± 14 oz., ± 16 oz.

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