MultiMop / 5pcs package



  • Large cleaning capacity
  • Foam material in the mop prevents drying too quickly
  • Velcro backing for fast and easy changing
  • Loop handle for No-touch removal
  • Multiple color tabs for color-coded cleaning

The Multi Mop is an invaluable tool for the cleaning of doors, tiled walls and even lacquered tables or melamine. It is also great for bathrooms and other hard surfaces such as glazed floor tiles.

Because this mop contains a high percentage of microfiber, it provides superior cleaning capabilities. Depending on the surface, drag tension may be strong due to the high friction action of the microfibers.

The loop handle on the side of the Multi Mop and the velcro backing enables quick and easy changing of the mop without having to touch the dirty surface. Multiple color tabs for color coded cleaning ensures efficient and hygienic use.

Color: Pink/Green stripes
Labels: Red/Green/Blue/Yellow
Dimensions: 11.8" x 4.7" / 17.7" x 4.7" / 23.6" x 4.7" 
Composition: 80% microfiber, 20% polyester, Velcro backing
Weight: ± .12 oz., ± .17 oz., ± .22 oz.
Filler: .20" foam + 2x microfiber cloth + 1x non-woven cloth

Package of 5pcs.

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