Scrub Mop / 5pcs package

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  • Fast cleaning of scratch resistant floors
  • Velcro backing for fast and easy changing
  •  Loop handle for No-touch removal
  • Multiple color tabs for color-coded cleaning

Scrub and wash floors simultaneously. The Greenspeed® Scrub Mop contains a combination of interwoven split microfiber and polyester material with hardened blue polypropylene scrubbing strips.

The strips are designed to be aggressive without being abrasive and are ideal for removing scuff marks and caked on dirt.

The loop handle on the side of the Scrub Mop and the Velcro backing enables quick and easy changing of the mop without having to touch the dirty surface.

Multiple color tabs for color coded cleaning ensures efficient and hygienic use.

Color: Green with blue ‘scrubbing strips’
Labels: Red/Green/Blue/Yellow
Dimensions: 11.8" x 5.1" / 17.7" x 5.1" / 23.6" x 5.1"
Composition: 60% microfiber and 40% polypropylene (blue strips)
Weight: ± .18 oz., ± .26 oz., ± .34 oz.
Filler: 2x microfiber cloth and 1x non-woven cloth

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