Probiotic Detergents

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Probiotic detergents are more than eco-friendly; they are environmentally beneficial!

The Probio products consist of benign microorganisms of natural origin. These bacteria produce enzymes which, both during and after cleaning, break down the microscopic dirt into tiny pieces. This allows the probiotics to absorb the small pieces and digest them as food. The result: a microscopic deep clean and long-lasting absorption of odors.

Efficient, safe and environmentally beneficial

The Probio products are of course produced responsibly using green energy. The products are safe to use and do not feature any hazard labels, i.e., they are CLP-free. The products even obtained a platinum score for 'material health' according to the Cradle to Cradle criteria, which is the highest possible score. If the microorganisms return to the environment after use, they actively contribute to water purification and the preservation of natural microflora. Probiotics are therefore not just environmentally friendly, but also environmentally beneficial.