Speciality cloths

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Greenspeed® microfiber cloth has a unique cleaning and absorption capacity and retains its quality and shape even when washed frequently.



3300456-diamond-cloth-40x40cm-green.jpgDiamond Microfiber Cloth

Durable, ultimate quality microfiber cloth for vigorously cleaning and intensively scrubbing surfaces at the same time.

◦         Removes persistent dirt in no time.

◦         Does not damage nor scratch the surface.

◦         Can absorb twice its own weight.

◦         Perfectly suitable for use on granite, polished stainless steel, ceramic, enamelled surface and melamine. 





3360600-double-use-cloth-31x31cm-scrub-side.jpgDual Use Microfiber Cloth

The microfiber cloth for removing tough stains without damaging the surface.

◦         Use one side for scrubbing, the other for removing stains..

◦         Removes tough stains and baked-on food and absorb four times its own weight.

◦         Recommended for kitchens and bathrooms.

◦         Can be washed at least 400 times. 




kitos-original-red.jpgInstruction Microfiber Cloth

Training cloth for cleaners to prevent incorrect technique.

 ◦         Easy to use thanks to the folding instructions on the cloth.

 ◦         Can be washed at least 600 times.

 ◦         Can absorb six times its own weight.

 ◦         Strong sewn edge finish so that cloths do not shrink.